Friday, March 27, 2009

Most Annoying Faces in Canada


  1. Good God, all those faces all in one take. All of a sudden, Freddy Kruger does not seem so bad.

  2. Sorry to spring that on you. I guess it is too much in one go.

  3. Ouch, yeah, agreed. I was reminded of this annoying face in the news today.

  4. Yes, Joe Clark belongs in that group.
    Next time post a warning, I almost woofed up my breakfast, when I saw that earlier this morning.
    When I see Lizzy May on TV, I am always afraid the glass on the TV screen is going to crack into a million pieces. Bitch!

  5. Haha! My wife saw it and the first thing she said was that I forgot Joe Clark. I also forgot Justin Trudeau.

    Anon: I won't do it again, sorry.

  6. Yes, Justin Trudeau! Just looking at that guy gets me angry.
    Sid "the Communist" Ryan also gets my vote for the list.
    Stephan Lewis and Bob Rae, now that`s a nightmare.
    Dalton "tell another lie" McGuinty, now he is the worst face of all.

  7. Obviously, it would be a big project. Avi Lewis needs to be in there as well. The British weather reporter on CBC as well.