Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Incredible Speech

British MP Daniel Hannan smacks down Prime Minister Gordon Brown. This is the best anti-debt, anti-bailout speech I've heard yet. There's already been 150 thousand hits on youtube, and I suspect it will gain more popularity. He packs so much into a three minute speech. We need more politicians like this who lay it on the line.


  1. This is the sort of material an MP is supposed to present in the House of Commons. Compare that to our current band of grandstanding pukes, during question period. During the Canadian question period, they always have to scream out their comments. I guess with meaningless material they feel yelling will somehow give their comments an air importance. Notice how Hannan is not screaming, but instead speaking very well. Lets get this guy running for office in Canada.

  2. Yes, we never get this kind of articulation in the Canadian House. (Hannan's speech was in the European Parliament btw.)Iggy's supposed to be the big intellectual, how come he can only come up with the most banal statements?