Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Destroys Jim Cramer as a Person

The much talked about brawl between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer from CNBC aired last night on the Daily Show.

My God. I thought Cramer was going to cry. Stewart had clips of him admitting dodgy tricks that he, as a fund manager could do, in an interview from 2006. Stewart, then turned it on him, and pretty much blamed the loss of granny's 401k on Wall Street shysters such as him. Cramer started to physically shrink and mumble.

I'm not the biggest fan of Stewart, mainly because of his smugness and his kiss-ass audience. But there's no doubting he's a smart guy, and he came to the fight prepared. Cramer did not. Maybe he thought it was going to be good humored banter. It was not. I'm not sure he has his manhood left after that.

For Canadians, you can see the episode here on the Comedy Network.

ABC news has a report here: Stewart Wins Cramer Showdown

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  1. Actually Cramer is one of the better reporters on CNBC. Stewart was correct that CNBC should be reporting more on these frauds. A good example would be the governments own financial numbers, such as inflation, and unemployment. These numbers are widely excepted as bogus. Almost everything in the CPI has an "adjustment". Last spring when gasoline spiked, the CPI number had gas falling in price, because of a "seasonal adjustment". The government saves money when the inflation number is lower. The cost of living adjustment on pensions is lower, so the government saves money. They can also issue bonds with lower yields, which saves them money. No one in the mainstream media, will even question the governments financial numbers.