Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boring Old Canada

As I could hear CBC Newsworld in the background with a lead story on ski helmets, I was scanning the top news headline in the Montreal Gazette and it was this:

Ski helmet standards on the way

For God's sakes.


  1. We need the government to protect us from ourselves. They know what's best for us. What would we do without them?

    I realize the news story is regarding standardization but you know someone's going to suggest legislating it. In Canada there's always a politician eager to pounce on another opportunity to legislate how we enjoy our lives.

  2. I haven't been skiing in about 10 years, but I can't recall seeing anybody using a helmet.

    I switched to CTV Newsnet and they were talking ski helmets as well. Does any Canadian news agency pass on the story? Is it that important? Does it sell ad space/time?

  3. Well, not too long ago I used to go skiing in Quebec once a year. Small children usually wore helmets and the odd senior citizen. You will also find quite a few snowboarders in the snowboarding park wearing them as well which makes more sense. I have no problem if you choose to wear one. I would probably make my 5yr old wear one too. There's no need to legislate it though.

    Obviously it's a slow news day but the coverage might be aided with press releases coming in from interested parties.

  4. The nanny state is out of control. China is building roads and factories. Our government worries about gender sensitivity. China wants to increase production. In Canada, we worry that someone might possibly be smoking in a bar.
    Hey guys, how about fixing municipal sewer systems, before you worry about ski helmets.