Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kandahar on English Bay

I was chatting with a few people last night about all the gangland shootings in Vancouver, meanwhile outside the guns were blazing:

Vancouver — Gunfire across Metro Vancouver Tuesday night has left two dead, two injured and one home riddled with bullets following four separate incidents stretching from Vancouver to Burnaby and Surrey.


The incident comes as Greater Vancouver has recorded almost two dozen shootings in recent weeks, nine of them fatal, ...

Does anybody know where I can pick up a flack jacket on the cheap?

UPDATE: The Toronto Star reports that the violence in Vancouver is a spill over from the Mexican Drug Wars.
Almost all cocaine in Canada comes via Mexico, the hub for South American producers. Canadian-based organized crime groups buy the drug either directly from the cartels in Mexico, or from middlemen in Los Angeles and other American cities.

When the supply of cocaine is hampered by crackdowns and the price goes up, says Fogarty, competition for the remaining kilos gets tense in Canada. The bigger players with good links to the south prevail, leaving the smaller ones scrambling.

"People are running around trying to find other sources of cocaine. The price goes up and the guns come out," said Fogarty.

The shooting followed the arrest of several people over the weekend with links to the Lower Mainland's notorious UN gang, which police allege is engaged in a violent tuff war with rival gangs for control of the region's illegal drug trade.

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