Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Filthy Macnasty's

The best of St. Paddy's continues with the Pogues ultimate drinking song: Streams of Whiskey. The pub shown in this video is Filthy Macnasty's, Pogues' singer/song writer Shane MacGowan's favorite watering hole. We made a pilgrimage there when I was in London. It's in a slightly dodgy area off Kings Cross tube station. Nothing much to the pub but they had a bunch of Shane's gold records framed on the wall. They pour a nice Guinness there and were friendly.


  1. Hey pallie Dan, wishin' the best wearin' of the green day...and thanks so much for your Dinoencouragement over at ilovedinomartin....

  2. Great to see the blog is still going strong! If you're a Dean Martin fan, check out his dinomite site;


  3. Hey pallie Dan, likes thanks so much for the Dinoplug....d'ya know that our Dino's newest Dinodisc, "AMORE," went numero uno on Billboard's Pop Chart the first two weeks out? ilovedinomartin just trys to emulate our Dino in every Dinoway....growin' stronger every Dinoday....