Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Quietly Cold Winter

Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe asks a good question. As it looks like our coldest winter in many years, nobody is talking about it. Imagine if it was the hottest winter in many years?

If all that were happening on the climate-change front, do you think you'd be hearing about it on the news? Seeing it on Page 1 of your daily paper? Would politicians be exclaiming that global warming was even more of a crisis than they'd thought? Would environmentalists be skewering global-warming "deniers" for clinging to their skepticism despite the growing case against it?

No doubt.

But it isn't such hints of a planetary warming trend that have been piling up in profusion lately. Just the opposite.


But considering how much attention would have been lavished on a comparable run of hot weather or on a warming trend that was plainly accelerating, shouldn't the recent cold phenomena and the absence of any global warming during the past 10 years be getting a little more notice? Isn't it possible that the most apocalyptic voices of global-warming alarmism might not be the only ones worth listening to?

Absolutely. Al Gore says there's no debate. Regular people are starting to know better. This will be looked back at in history as a great delusion.

Bizzarre reading this in the Boston Globe. I thought Global Warming was part of their kool-aid mix.

Meanwhile, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts thinks the world is ending:
"Climate change is not governed by a recession, it's governed by scientific facts about what's happening to Earth. And you either accept the realities of the science or you don't," said Democratic Senator John Kerry.

He spoke after some of his colleagues argued that the United States should not impose a cap-and-trade system for so-called greenhouse gases blamed for global warming because it amounts to a painful tax during a deep downturn.

"You don't enter a mutual suicide pact because the economy is having a hard time right now," Kerry said after meeting with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon seven months before global climate change talks in Denmark's capital.


  1. The number one cause of global warming is the decline of mainstream religion. Instead of going to church, people have joined the global warming religion. People have a need for some great God to explain all of life`s mysteries. The decline of mainstream religion has meant people have had to create a new religion. START BELIEVING NOW OR THE PLANET WILL DIE!!!

  2. It's true, there are many similarities. If you disagree, you are treated like a blasphemer.

  3. Just a few cold shots. On Victoria Day 2008 it was snowing in Upstate New York, near Massena.I was driving to the bridge over to Cornwall Ontario. I have rarely seen snow on the May long weekend. We also had a snowfall in Eastern Ontario, in late October. It melted away a few days later, but snow that early is very unusual. London England got a 10 cm snowfall. We had the first coast to coast white Christmas, in 25 years.
    The first week of March 2009, there was snow falling in Alabama. So lets forget about global warming. Return of the Ice Age, Acid rain, been there done that.
    Okay, how about a giant meteor crashing into the Earth and killing everyone. You just have to wonder what the next stupid thing will be.

  4. With acid rain, wasn't there something to that? I remember around Ontario there were so-called "dead lakes". Was that false? I honestly don't know, I was a kid then and didn't pay much attention.

  5. There were some dead lakes, but it may have been a natural effect. Acid/toxic rain is a problem, but is no longer a world wide movement. During an Inco strike, there was a measured drop in acid rain recorded in Sweden. In Ontario, one of the biggest polluters is Ontario Hydro. Therefore the government has an incentive to ignore the issue.