Thursday, March 19, 2009

US Fed Plays Three Card Monty

When I read reports like this, I think it's meaningless. Fed launches bold $1.2T effort to revive economy

WASHINGTON – With the country sinking deeper into recession, the Federal Reserve launched a bold $1.2 trillion effort Wednesday to lower rates on mortgages and other consumer debt, spur spending and revive the economy.

To do so, the Fed will spend up to $300 billion to buy long-term government bonds and an additional $750 billion in mortgage-backed securities guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues wrapped a two-day meeting by leaving a key short-term bank lending rate at a record low of between zero and 0.25 percent. Economists predict the Fed will hold the rate in that zone for the rest of this year and for most — if not all — of next year.

The decision to hold rates near zero was widely expected. But the Fed's plan to buy government bonds and the sheer amount — $1.2 trillion — of the extra money to be pumped into the U.S. economy was a surprise.

Borrowing money to buy their own debt? Are they ever going to do any real measures to reduce debt? With the spending outlook in the next few years it'll be too late by the time they do.

You'll hear more of these phony book polishing solutions as time goes on.

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  1. Three card monty is the perfect analogy. Canada Bill Jones, must be laughing in the grave.