Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cringe Worthy Hillary Moment of the Day

Watch her try to laugh her way out of it. The State Department couldn't find a proper translator to use the correct word? Also, hadn't the Russians already scoffed at Biden's "reset button" line weeks ago?

You heard it here first: I think Hillary is going to be fired by 2010.

UPDATE: Even without the misspelling, isn't this appallingly cheesy? She grabs his hand to push the "re-set button." This is the sophisticated diplomacy we were expecting with the Obama Administration?


  1. OUCH. A poor gimmick that went horribly wrong. A very bad idea from the start. That kind of stuff works when you're running for mayor in a one horse town. Not when you're the secretary of state reaching out to another super power in the world. Very cringeful.

  2. That was like a bad skit on SNL. It was hard to believe your own eyes.

  3. She's clearly uncomfortable around people, she's a back-room type. Why do they have her doing diplomacy?

  4. I just can`t get over this one. That is the worst Gong Show I have ever seen.