Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Assemblee Nationale Du Quebec Monitors Daily Salt Shaker Again

My good friends at the Quebec Provincial National Assembly have tuned into my humble site once again. I must say that I am flatterred.

This time they were checking this post: PQ Try Their Hand at Humour

They were on the site a few weeks ago looking at these posts:

Why Isn't Quebec an Independent Country?

Personal Responsibility Quebec Style

I just want you to know that I'm your biggest supporter. Vive le Quebec libre!


  1. Perhaps the credit crisis will finally wake up the rest of Canada. The price of sending billions of dollars to Quebec may become too high.
    I liked your kid living in the basement story. In this case it is more like we have paid for the 12 years in University, the new sports car, the monthly allowance, and the downtown apartment. I think Canadians are finally starting to realize what suckers we have played for. The French must just laugh at how the square heads just keep sending the money. These two language countries just do not work. Chechoslavia broke up, and Belgium is also considering a break up. Would Germany and France be better off as one country, I don`t think so. It`s time for Quebec to move on. Both parties would be better off, and the price of milk would plummet in the rest of Canada.

  2. I find it amusing watching the battle between the Post and the Globe (Radwanski) regarding the Quebec question. It was initiated over the cancellation of the Plains of Abraham reenactment. The comment section is pretty fired up on both of their sites. What a joke.