Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doomsday Prof: It's Too Late for Earth

The Montreal Gazette has an article about British scientist James Lovelock who says global warming and doom are irreversible:
His apocalyptic theory foresees crop failures, drought and death on an unprecedented scale. The population of this hot, barren world could shrink from
about seven billion to one billion by 2100 as people compete for ever-scarcer resources.

"It will be death on a grand scale from famine and lack of water," Lovelock told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday. "It could be a reduction to a billion (people) or less."


Attempts to cut emissions of planet-warming gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in an attempt to reduce the risks are probably doomed to failure, he added.

Easy for him the say, he's 89! The old coot. We can't come back to him in fifty years and say that he's wrong.

Hat tip: Strack Attack, who adds: F*ck it, now we don't have to worry about carbon taxes and recycling.

Good point.

UPDATE: I should have clarified, I don't take this guy seriously. Though, it might be fun to taunt green militants with: Why bother recycling? Paying carb taxes? etc. If the world is already doomed, there's no point. And a real "scientist" said so. No point arguing.


  1. Been there done that. Remember all the Malthus fear mongering in the 70s? I remember films in geography class produced by the UN. We were going to run out of oil, food, metals, clean water,and the theory was very popular. From the movie The Dogs of War, the British power broker makes a comment about how the world is running out of things and one day we will all go to war over rice (Beer maybe but never for rice).
    In the 80s acid rain was going to kill everyone.
    Enough already, fuck-off with the global warming BS.

  2. Yeah, I don't take this guy seriously at all.