Thursday, February 12, 2009

Babs Hall Wants National Press Council

The National Post has an op-ed about Ms. Hall's quest for a censorship council. Frightening stuff:

As if Barbara Hall's own crude, broadsword agency were not destructive enough of free speech rights, now the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) wants a national press council to further chill free expression in the media. And she is not looking just to curtail newspapers, talk radio and television news. Ms. Hall wants any new press council to have jurisdiction over Internet sites and blogs, too.

Of course, using the typically topsy-turvy logic of most modern rights crusaders, Ms. Hall has convinced herself that this thinly veiled censorship board would actually be the ultimate free speech defender. She seems to think the best way to preserve free speech is to limit it.


Similarly, making all writers, bloggers and broadcasters hostage to a national press council is merely the first step toward letting the Barbara Halls of the world decide what you get to hear, see and read. To that, we say: "No, thanks." And so should every newspaper reader, Web surfer and television viewer in the land.

There's no way I'm letting a dogmatic, commie like Babs get her mitts on the Daily Salt Shaker, that's for damn sure!

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  1. We already have a portion of this. The CRTC checks the flow of radio and TV material. They set guidelines on Canadian content. ESPN is still illegal here in Canada. I mean the CRTC has worked so well, why not have them regulate everything. The government, they make our life so much better.