Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Emasculation of the World Continues

Lawrence Taylor was the toughest, meanest football player I've ever seen. He was my favorite player of all time. My jaw dropped when I heard he might be on Dancing With the Stars.

Sure, there have been other football players on the show, but this is LT. (Joe Theismann won't be on Dancing With the Stars, because he's limited in his moves since Taylor broke his leg in half on national television.)

Is he going to wear rhinestone speckled tights? What's next, Clint Eastwood is going to take up hair dressing? The world is not right.


  1. I think you are barking up the wrong tree on this one. I bet LT is dead broke and or in debt. How many retired athletes end up as circus freak acts, because they pissed away all their money? At least now a days there is a pension plan in most professional leagues. Mike Tyson blew over 500 million dollars. These guys live in an extended childhood, playing sports,girls, drugs, and making millions. Then one day they wake up broke and retired, and wondering why no one cares about them any more. Pete Rose when caught gambling, acted like an eight year that just broke a window, ah my friend did it.
    I do agree that things do seem to be getting rather girl like out there. But hey at least there are Hooters restaurants.

  2. I agree, it is a circus act because he's broke. It's just that I can't picture it. Some of the original "miked up" NFL films footage was of Taylor in the 80's, and it shows how ferocious the guy was. It's like having Jack Lambert dancing or something.

    Tyson: My God. I think the number is closer to a billion than 500 mill. He's the all time train wreck athelete.

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