Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peter Schiff's Grim Evaluation of the Stimulus Bill

Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital makes me want to add a shot or two of vodka to my orange juice this morning. Read and weep.

Despite the Presidential rhetoric of change, the Pelosi plan is Washington at its most habitual. Her version is a massive, pork-laden monster. Tilted heavily towards consumption, only 10 percent of the bill is allocated toward the infrastructure spending that the President talked about so frequently during the campaign. President Obama initially favored a middle-way. It was to be based on massive public spending, but specifically on infrastructure.

Far from restoring the economy to health, the 'pork-barrel' Pelosi plan will likely force the U.S. economy into the catastrophe of acute stagflation and decline, with grave long-term repercussions at home and abroad.

It is clear that we are now headed into an abnormally severe recession, and we may be face-to-face with Second Great Depression. Tell-tale symptoms of Depression include competitive currency devaluations and protective trade measures. Of even greater concern is the historic fact that trade wars too often lead to hot wars. The times of peace and unprecedented prosperity that we have
enjoyed for decades are now under threat.


The Washington regime, particularly members of the Democrat persuasion, leans towards a socialist solution of avoiding recession at any cost. After all, the bills are paid by others, such as taxpayers and holders of U.S. dollars. This results in an increasing amount of other peoples' money being spent on 'public' works that would in other times carry the label 'pork barrel.'

Read the whole thing. Schiff has credibility. He was the one who predicticted the 2008 melt-down. If only there was more debate. Obama paased it too quickly, and used the rhetoric of fear: "We can't wait, we need this now to avert catastrophe."



  1. The media is doing a worse job here, then with the WMD issue. When did the government become all knowing and magical? They can do anything, and no one in the media asks any questions.
    What`s going on here?

  2. It reminds me of when Hitler took dictatorial powers after the Reichstag fire. The population shrugged as they just lost their right to democracy and rule of law. Not quite as severe in this case, but a dangerous course of action by the government that people let happen with little fuss.