Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Irony of the Day: Swedes Won't Bail Out Saab

The world has definitely gone whacky when the Swedes are more fiscally conservative than the United States:
It also represents decades of Swedish car-making history, and the Saab brand remains closely associated with the Scandinavian country, even after GM
took full control in 2000.

Would Mr. Reinfeldt's government allow all that to perish?

The answer, so far, has been "ja." The government insists that Saab's future is GM's responsibility and has rejected the U.S. auto maker's request for $600-million in loan guarantees.

I love how he rejects union whining as well.
"Saab needs a fresh start," metal workers union boss Stefan Lofven said. "If the government and GM choose to take their hands from Saab, it's an enormous treachery against all auto workers in Sweden."

Three cheers to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt!

Hat tip: Pat, who adds: What would Don Cherry think?

Good question. Next thing you know Swedes will show some grit and not float in the playoffs.

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  1. I sent this article out to a lot of people. Talk about that old expression, what goes around comes around.
    What a shock.