Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Visiting Canada Today?

I didn't even realize it. They really should have more coverage in the Canadian media on this event. I really had to dig to find it.

Ok, poor attempt at sarcasm over. I think David Frum's comments about the situation to be the best:

The opportunity:Barack Obama’s presidency is already going seriously wrong. His own administration concedes that their trillion-dollar stimulus plan will create few new jobs in the next 18 months. Public support for the huge plan is plummeting. And meanwhile Obama has neglected the single most urgent and important challenge facing the United States and the world: fixing the broken American banking system.

The contrast between Obama’s ideology-first, results-last leadership and the cautious pragmatism of Stephen Harper’s government shows strongly now, and will look only more impressive in the months ahead....

The Canadian public just shrug and say: But Obama is a cool, rock star and Harper's a white nerd. (Look at Warren Kinsella's post today, this is exactly what he's saying.)

People lose their minds with celebrity hype. Remember all those people openly weeping for Princess Diana, a person they don't know personally? Did she do anything for these people other than provide an object for "People Magazine" like star fawning? To me this is the same type of thing with Obamania. And it is something I don't entirely understand, when grown-ups get carried away with this sort of thing.


  1. During the inauguration, Wolf Biltzer made a comment on Obama while he signed a form, "the President has excellent penmanship".
    It just does not get any worse then that.

  2. Hahaha! Yes it can get worse.

    Remember, during the campaign when Chris Matthews said an Obama speech caused "Thrill Going Up My Leg"

  3. Good God! I flipped over the local Ottawa TV news stations at 6PM EST. It was some sort of sick love in.
    The anchor women on CBOT was like a beaming new grandmother. I was almost sick to my stomach. Obama went to the Byward Market for a beaver tail, wow. Even worse were some of the morons on Parliament Hill. A quote from an idiot, "I got here at 6AM, just see Obama". The expression, get a life, comes to mind.

  4. I watched CTV Newsnet at 5pm and Rosemary Thompson just came short of giving Obama a BJ. As he was getting on AF1 she gleefully recounted to the anchor how she yelled, "Come again!" to him. (is that crossing the line of reporting to cheerleading??) She then interviewed Iggy and gave him nothing but soft ball questions.

    RT: Considering you share the same friends from Harvard what did you talk about?

    MI: blah blah... he read my book... blah blah... What interested me most is his hope of practising a new open style of politcs. A less partisan style that the Rep. refuse to cooperate with.

    RT: That sounds an awful lot like it is here.

    MI: You got that right.

    It was a sickening display. What's odd is that they seem to be acting as though they are giving us what we want. Like we're all just as enthralled as they are. Even if you support Obama - and I do and obviously support Harper - this is way over the top.

  5. This tends to be a constant pattern. The media reflect what people already feel. In other words they tell us what we want to hear. Obama has charisma, there is no question about that. The media people were just as in love with the guy, as the people standing on Parliament Hill. I guess we can just thank God, we have a mute button on the remote control.

  6. I forgot to mention one answer from Iggy:

    RT: What else did you talk about?

    MI: Well, what can I say? When in you're in the presence of a master you just listen. He's a political genius.

    Umm... so this could very well be our next PM within the year and he's gaga over a foreign head of state? So when Obama, the great one says jump Iggy will... jump? This statement goes well beyond a duo of singing, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.