Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hitchens on the UN Anti-Blasphemy Resolution

This is why Hitchens is great. Kudos to Lou Dobbs here as well.


  1. Just one more reason to get rid of the UN. How does this organization benefit anyone in North America?
    Hitchens is great, he even looked sober on this clip. You have to wonder how many more victims of extremism there will have to be, before people wake up and realize what a treat this is becoming.

  2. They should form a new UN, where only democratic countries can join. I don't understand how a dictatorship has equal say in the body of nations. One of the commentators said, "how can they tell deomcratic countries what to do"?

  3. Brick buddy, the UN is beyond fixing. Lets just forget about it. Even so-called Democratic nations are a joke in terms of Anglo-Saxon law and order. South America, Italy, India, sure they may claim democratic rule, but they are just a bunch of corrupt backward countries.