Monday, February 9, 2009

Madness in the UK School System

It's too late, but Britain should try the melting pot theory when it comes to cultural assimilation. Here are two similar stories from the UK school system.

I was forced out for trying to axe Muslim-only assemblies, claims head mistress.

Separate Muslim assemblies were reportedly held at least weekly, led by a parent and open to non-Muslims.

A teacher, who asked not to be named, said: 'The head inherited the separate assemblies and she took careful advice on what to do.

'But when she tried to stop them, she was accused of being a racist. She wanted to hold assemblies for all the pupils. That is what happens in most schools but some parents wanted things to stay as they were.


The mum-of-one said her troubles began in 2003 when four Muslim governors were appointed, including convert Paul Martin and Mumtaz Saleem.

They took control of reg-ular meetings, repeatedly demanding more formal Islamic worship in the predominantly Muslim school and closer ties with the nearby mosque in Woking.

When she fought back, Mr Martin claimed the ethos of the school was racist and alleged she believed Pakistanis were “less intelligent”.
An investigation later found she “had not been responsive to the needs of the faith community”.
I remember in high school there was a controversy about the tradition of putting the Our Father prayer on the speakers after Oh Canada for the morning ritual. Considering that the student body was multi-cultural it didn't seem fitting. Instead of simply stopping putting the prayer on, they had the principal read out various readings from other religions. I remember him reading some Hindu, and some Jewish scripture. It was very weird. It didn't work out. Pressed by a PTA motion, they had a vote for students on what we felt should be done. None of the options on the ballot were for no prayers at all. I wrote in on my ballot. "No prayers or reading for any religion." Others must have too because the whole thing was dropped and all we had was Oh Canada after that. The point is: Just make it secular. You can practice your religion at home. The Brits have become so politically correct they don't have the nerve to say that anymore.

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