Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bienvenue Assemblee Nationale Du Quebec!

My stat tracker shows that somebody from the Quebec Provincial National Assembly was on the Daily Salt Shaker today. They read these two articles:

Why Isn't Quebec an Independent Country

Personal Responsibility Quebec Style

No hard feelings. I think the Quebecois deserve their own nation. None of this nation in name, province in practice stuff. The Full Monty. La Republique du Quebec!


  1. Did they leave any postings? How does the stat tracker work?
    This sounds interesting. Perhaps your the spark that sets off the Quebec nation.
    Your picture might end up on their new $5 bill, or should I say 5 franc note.

  2. The stat tracker can see what server the person is from and from what city, country. So you get lists of cable companies, and cities. Very saturated and hard to pinpoint. But the Quebec assembly has it's own server, so it shows up as that.

    I've had the RCMP in Ottawa check in. Once I had the Pentagon check in, for my post about "The Real Life Colonel Kurtz."

    When I did the posts for the Queen's U Thought Police, I had a lot of hits from there.

    It's difficult to discern individuals, but organizations leave a big footprint.