Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PQ Try Their Hand at Humour

The National Post had this article about the Parti Quebecois separatists, that made me angry, but I didn't pick up on the satire:
"In my opinion, the economic crisis demonstrates the necessity of sovereignty," PQ leader Pauline Marois told a party meeting on Saturday in Quebec City.

"It is time for Quebec to take charge. When we need to make sudden changes of course, as is now the case, do we really have the means to deal with the in-coherency of a federation? We must finish with being wards of another nation. The context proves it. Sovereignty is urgent!"

According to Ms. Marois, the benefits of separating from Canada would be almost endless.

"If Quebec were sovereign, we would have all our taxes. We would have more manoeuvring room to develop an economic strategy, to support families and workers," Ms. Marois said.

"If Quebec were sovereign, we could support our industries in the manufacturing and forestry industries. Our aeronautical industry would not be rejected in favour of outdated automobile manufacturers in Ontario.

LOL! I love good satire. No doubt she was winking while saying this. Une autre biere pour Mardi Gras, oui! Ho ho ho! "Bombardier would get even more money if Quebec separates!" Stop it you're killing me. "Hey Canada, stop draining all our money won't you? The economy is hurting because of it." Hahaha! Ok, ok. I won't drive home. Pass moi une autre!

Hat tip: Pat

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  1. This is the sort of dream world the Pepsi nation lives in. I don`t mind do what ever you want, but just stop asking me to pay for it. Quebec it`s time to stop whining about the English, and become a nation. I am cheering for you, really I am. For the love of God, become your own country, and don`t worry we will keep sending the cheques.