Friday, February 20, 2009

Opinion Gauge: Small Dead Animals

I was surprised to find a post on Small Dead Animals, comparing Pakistan to Cambodia of the Vietnam war era. (Cambodiastan) The blog is by Kate McMillan who is travelling this week, so she has guest bloggers.

Still, this is a site for hawks, and nary is there a discouraging word for US, Canadian and NATO efforts in the Middle East. (Up until maybe two years ago, I was pro-Iraq War, pro-Afghan war, myself.) A post that compares Afghanistan War difficulties to Vietnam War difficulties would have been unheard of up until this point. Even the most steadfast supporters are wondering whether it's worth it.

It's things like the Pakistan problem that got me feeling uncomfortable. While supporting the war it began to grate on me that Pakistan was a safe haven and headquarters for the terrorists, and then was nothing we could do about it. It was the beginning of my own new thinking about whether the war was worth it.

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