Friday, February 20, 2009

Palin's Biggest Fans

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A little humour for Friday. It's not that far off though. I was listening to Mark Steyn on Dennis Miller's radio show a few days ago. Steyn was praising Sarah Palin. Miller agreed and said: (paraphrase) "The people who hate her, are the people I hate. She was pissing off all the right people." He was implying lefties, Michael Moore type people. No. I don't know when Miller got the lobotomy, but those people love her. It guarantees people with triple digit IQ's won't be voting Republican. It enhances the image of Republican voters being red-neck, snake handling, uneducated, NASCAR lovers.

If Palin gets nominated for the GOP in 2012 watch for David Frum's head to explode. The people who hate Sarah Palin most are Republicans who see where the party is being dragged.


  1. I had a great deal of respect for Mark Steyn but his support for Palin really baffles me. Can he not find a better Republican to trumpet than Palin? Like you mention, the reasoning behind it doesn't make sense.

  2. I don't know why with Steyn. He's the substitute speaker for Rush Limbaugh when he goes on holidays, so maybe that's the reason. Those listeners love Palin.

  3. She was McCain`s biggest mistake, along with backing the bailout. This is someone that thinks Africa is a country, and probably thinks the S&P 500 is a NASCAR event. Remember those Quebec radio guys that called her, they were shocked to find out she did not know who the President of France was. Even the girls competing in the Miss America pageant try to be up to date on current events.
    Lets also go back and re-call those three questions candidate Bush was asked back in 2000. I don`t remember the questions, but all three were based on front page world issues. Bush did not have a clue. Both Bush and Cheney had worked in the oil industry, and both had never heard of the Alberta Oil Sands. Perhaps they should have an entrance exam to run for office in the USA.

  4. LOL! S&P 500 as a NASCAR race!

    The Limbaugh's and the Steyn's for that matter played up anti-palinism as Ivy League, eastern seaboard class snobbery. That is completely disingenuous. Harry Truman was critized for his class, his accent, his gruff manners, but nobody called him stupid or unknowledgable. People accused Reagan of being stupid, but in debates, he knew his facts. Palin, simply didn't know anything.

    They should have some sort of test.