Thursday, February 12, 2009


Mark Steyn has a powerful piece about his thoughts after his testimony to the Ontario legislative committee reviewing the Human Rights Commission. (read)
... Once you accept the degree of state management that the citizens of modern social-welfare democracies now take for granted, why be surprised that your rulers are no longer prepared to treat you as "citizens"? America is now catching up to the happy condition of Canada and Europe - the Big Nanny security state in which you're relieved of every adult responsibility - to provide your own health care, to look after your family, to work to support them. Why then be surprised that Ontario's Liberal and NDP members assume you can't be entrusted to think for yourself? Or that President Obama talks of his fellow citizens as if they're lame pets and feeble-minded urchins? It may yet prove the case that the Big Government security-blanket state can co-exist with a lively level of individual
liberty, free speech and intellectual inquiry, but the results from the heart of the free world are not encouraging.


... If, in the interests of "cultural protection", the state keeps foreign newspaper owners, foreign bookstore owners, foreign TV operators out of Canada, why be surprised that, in return, it assumes the right to police the ideas disseminated through those newspapers, bookstores and TV networks it graciously agrees to permit?

UPDATE: To see what all the fuss about Mark Steyn is, check out his excellent book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It


  1. I am new to Mark Steyn. What a gripping read that article was. Barb Hall was a former NDP mayor of Toronto. She got in on a freaky 3-way split on the vote. It`s just nice to know all these people get nice government jobs after they loose an election. God help us if they had to go back to the private sector.
    A couple of points regarding this topic.
    1)In Canada people are so apathetic, they just don`t care about these type of issues. Mark Steyn could get death by firing squad for his writing material, and no one would care.
    2)Currently comedians are doing what the media is supposed to be doing. Bill Maher and the Daily Show actually question some of today`s policies. The mainstream media have become lapdogs to the government.

  2. I added a link for his book American Alone as an update. A fabulous read and a huge eye opener.