Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quagmire Watch

Originally a NPR reporter, and now a nation builder in Afghanistan, Sarah Chayes gives her assessment of the situation there in this interview for (NPR's) Fresh Air:

Click here to access the half hour broadcast.

She is a well intentioned person and certainly has credibility for being over there in a tough situation. She believes passionately that if only we can pour money in, rebuild and temper the corrupt Karzai government, we can salvage the country. Unfortunately, listening to her makes me think how impossible it is.

Along the way she acknowledges the patience of the Taliban. They tend to withdraw when things get hot, and wait a long time for things to calm down and when people are complacent before striking. She also acknowledges compliance/direction of the Pakistani Intelligence (ISI), and hence military in aiding the Taliban.

Sorry babe, but you didn't sell me on nation building.

NOTE: For radio, you can't beat NPR, even if they are leftist sympathizers. I can see their bias but they do operate subtly, and they have respectful, introspective interviews. So much more appealing than a daily three hour monologue/harangue from Rush Limbaugh, a guy who doesn't even have guests on.


  1. You would think the Yanks of all people would understand the situation. The US revolution was carried out by 25% of the population. The rebels terrorized law abiding citizens, committed genocide against upstate New York Indians that were loyal to the British, and they also used guerrilla tactics. The Brits never lost on the battlefield. The rebels also made use of massive propaganda. The war seemed an endless waste of money to the Brits. The Yanks also tortured Loyalists after the war, and forced them out of the US. Hello Canada. It would appear the Yanks have forgotten their own story.