Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holiday in Cambodia Iraq

Italian Luca Marchio took adventure tourism to a new level recently, by taking a solo trip to Iraq.

“I am a tourist. I want to see the most important cities in the country. That is the reason why I am here now,” he said in heavily accented English. “I want to see and understand the reality because I have never been here before, and I think every country in the world must be seen.”

Mr. Marchio said he had intended on staying overnight in Falluja, but was forced to alter his travel plans. “The authorities explained to me that it was impossible because there are not any hotels here. They suggested a short tour and then go back to Baghdad.”

Piecing together an unusual travel itinerary from an unperturbed Mr. Marchio, incredulous Iraqi and Italian officials told the strange story of an accidental tourist.

As a collector, he was looking for a "My friend went to Falluja and all I got was this lousy coffee mug" souvenir for his friend back home. Next stop is Afghanistan for a Tora Bora fridge magnet.

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