Monday, March 2, 2009

Tories Dig Through Footage for Attack Ads Against Iggy

I like the sound of this, as the Tories plan an offensive on the vulnerable Ignatieff:

OTTAWA — The Conservatives are scouring hundreds of hours of videotape as they prepare to pummel their key rival Michael Ignatieff with attack ads leading up to the next election.


All the BBC programs Mr. Ignatieff hosted, C-Span call-in shows he participated in, and books he wrote are being sifted for ammunition to be used before and during the next campaign.


Tories say there will be three themes to their attacks: that Mr. Ignatieff is an out-of-touch elitist; that he flip-flops (they will cite his shifting positions on a carbon tax, on coalition with the other opposition parties, and on Israel's 2006 bombing of Lebanon); and that he's a fair-weather Canadian.

What I hope they dig up is a segment on CBC from 1996, maybe 1997 with Iggy and Mordecai Richler from London. The point of the interview was: Why would you live away from Canada? Richler wintered in London, and at the time Iggy was living there. My interest was piqued, because I thought I might have made a terrible mistake leaving London myself. I can't remember exactly, but Iggy was saying how interesting and cultured London was. How he also loved the little things like the names of things like the Piccadilly Line. I'm pretty sure I remember him saying that he couldn't leave. He also said that his kids made fun of his "plugged nose Canadian accent."

Maybe I should send this post to the CPC HQ.

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