Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bush Apologists Suddenly Outraged By Big Spending and Debt

Mark Steyn, writing for the National Review gets blue in the face angry about Obama's out of control "stimulus" spending. Fair enough. I think it's huge mistake as well. Steyn had been a Bush apologist since 2000, so I didn't expect him to criticize Bush's ridiculous bailout spending. But oh boy, this Obama spending package will never do!

So now no politician demanding immediate government action wants to come off like Doctor Evil and invite instant derision by urging some nickel ’n’ dime billion-dollar boondoggle. In the bright new dawn, “ONE! TRILLION!! DOLLARS!!!” is the kind of price tag that commands respect. Congress is planning, at the time of writing, to double domestic discretionary spending. At the time of reading, I’m confident they’ll have quadrupled it. The Khmer Rouge proclaimed Year Zero; for the incoming Obama administration it’s the Year of Twelve Zeroes.

No, 2008 was the Year of Twelve Zeroes. There was a precedent. This is a detailed article about boondoggle including this line: "that the tab for the bailout by November 24 was already $4.6165 trillion." I tallied the score of how many times he mentions Obama, and Bush. The score for this lengthy screed?

Mentions of Obama: 7
Mentions of Bush: 0

Hell even John Kerry got one mention. It's like this was invented by Democrats a month ago. Obama has been in office for fourteen days.

These partisan pundits are too late for this outrage. Six months ago Peter Schiff had the one liner: "Trillions are the new billions." It's old news.

I don't agree with what Obama is doing, but most of the damage was done by Bush already. At the time Steyn was writing about how the "surge" was working in Iraq or that Sarah Palin was a great pick for VP.


  1. What is even worse is that no one in the media will regard the GOP and Democrats as two wings of the same bird. Their actions are always the same.
    In the US, many media people are party members for the GOP or Dems. When this happens the reporter turns into a cheer leader for their party. This is a very common practice in the US.
    David Frum kept up his Bush cheer leading, to the point of losing all creditability. I often wondered how he could keep a straight face, during some of those interviews.

  2. Very true. I started reading Steyn after 9-11, and I still think his book "America Alone" but when I read stuff like that, I just shake my head.