Monday, December 8, 2008

Call of the Wild: Ignatieff Siezes Liberal Leadership

Oh boy! Iggy is ready to become the lead dog in the Liberal pack. What a fantastic power play. Brilliant tactics. (The Globe breaks the story.)

OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff appears poised to become federal Liberal leader on Wednesday with the support of a majority of Grit MPs and senators.

But his chief rival, Bob Rae, is not going down without a fight. He's challenging the legitimacy of a leadership process that excludes tens of thousands of rank and file Liberals.

The prospect of a caucus vote installing Ignatieff in the top Liberal job emerged late Sunday after the party's national executive gave a rough reception to a last-minute proposal to give all party members a vote by a combination of phone and online ballots early next month.


Caucus support has been shifting somewhat since last week, as Liberals fracture over whether to pursue the idea of forming a coalition with the NDP, propped up by the Bloc Quebecois. Rae has emerged as the champion of the coalition idea while Ignatieff has been decidedly cool to the notion.

On Sunday, Ignatieff insiders accused Rae of advocating an unconstitutional process in a desperate bid to find some way of overtaking the frontrunner.

“Bob Rae is trying to find any formula that avoids us winning, even if it's unconstitutional,” said one member of the Ignatieff camp.

Start mobilizing Harper. This guy is going to be a tough opponent.

UPDATE: Dion steps down.

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