Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NY Post Hit Piece on Favre

I've been waiting for the NY Post to blast Brett Favre and was finally rewarded today. No more fawning Wisconsin press for the golden boy. This is tabloid journalism at its finest. (read)

This very public, fawning Favre-lust makes it awfully hard not to read the tea leaves whispering out loud that a graybeard gunslinger wearing a No. 4 jersey was spotted on the grassy knoll, blood on his hands, and never mind the obvious wisecrack that he would have missed his target, the artist formerly known as Mangenius, who three years ago was hired as the Jets' Camelot coach.

The owner and GM have fallen so head over heels for Favre, have been so blinded by his star, that it was easy for them to make Mangini the fall guy, who didn't motivate, inspire or win enough with a Win Now team and certainly wasn't going to sell any PSLs for the owner.

After throwing interceptions 20, 21 and 22 in Sunday's loss to Chad Pennington and the Dolphins, Favre dismissed a Fox report that he didn't like playing for Mangini, didn't like getting called on the carpet in front of the team for those interceptions, didn't like being treated like the other 52 peons, didn't like all the pop quizzes and meetings. "He's fair," Favre said.

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