Thursday, December 11, 2008

Washington Times: World Temperature Cooling?

I feel like piling on today against the Global Warming Theory. Over the years, I got tired of hearing about this unarguable truth. Here's a great commentary from David Deming:

These cold weather events were not abnormal or isolated incidents. Global measures of climatic conditions indicate significant cooling.

A preliminary estimate by the British Met Office says 2008 will be the coldest year of the last 10. The extent of global sea ice is at the same level it was in 1980. The mean planetary temperature, as monitored by satellite, also is the same as in 1980.
Last March, NASA reported the oceans have been cooling for the last five years. Sea level has stopped rising, and Northern Hemisphere cyclone and hurricane activity is at a 24-year low.

Environmental extremists and global warming alarmists are in denial and running for cover. Their rationale for continuing a lost cause is that weather events in the short term are not necessarily related to long-term climatic trends. But these are the same people who screamed at us each year that ordinary weather events such as high temperatures or hurricanes were undeniable evidence of imminent doom.

Recently, I had walked into the kitchen at work and two women co-workers were talking. One of them was saying: "There are actually people out there who don't believe in global warming!? How ignorant can people be?"

Try saying that you don't believe in global warming to co-workers. You might as well say that you support genocide. People get very upset.

David Suzuki took it further this year when he said deniers should be jailed:

What I would challenge you to do is to put a lot of effort into trying to see whether there's a legal way of throwing our so-called leaders into jail because what they're doing is a criminal act," said Dr. Suzuki, a former board member of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

"It's an intergenerational crime in the face of all the knowledge and science from over 20 years."


  1. So Pope Suzuki wants to burn heretics at the stake. This sounds pretty religious to me. Notice how even questioning global warming is not allowed. Rational thought has been banned.

  2. Yeah, absolutely. Deniers are heretics. Suzuki thinks himself more than Pope, but Jesus himself.

  3. 2008 coldest year in 10 with 2009 starting as the coldest since 1987, lets start independent research