Sunday, December 14, 2008

Giants at Cowboys

The Giants are in Dallas for the Sunday Night Primetime game. I'm hoping that the Cowboy's playoffs will be sunk with a home loss. That's what they get for bringing in Terrell Owens, the ultimate ego-maniac receiver and quarterback killer.

There has been squabbling lately, beause T.O. thinks he deserves the ball more often, and that QB Tony Romo is throwing the ball too much to his buddy Tight End Jason Witten.

Terrell Owens is Unhappy with Yet Another Quarterback

TO is mentally ill, and I enjoy sitting back and watching the hated Cowboys implode.


  1. The only hope the Giants have is to get a healthy Jacobs back. The only hope. Without him nothing is possible.

  2. Yeah, they need him. Eli looks like old Eli. It's really not looking good right now.