Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Will the Coup Sell? A Big Night for Public Opinion

I have been watching coverage all day on CTV and CBC and I think this coup is going to fail. I'm anxious to see how the public react when they get home tonight and watch the news.

1. Tax payer subsidies for political parties is not exactly an issue that needs to have an emergency change of government, under unprecedented circumstances in our country's history.
2. Even the Quebec appeasers in Ontario surely can't think you reward separatists by bringing them into the government?
3. What did the Liberals and Dippers offer up to the Bloc to join? Mike Duffy on CTV said that it will be 6 Senate seats to separatists and transfer payment goodies.
4. Ignatieff, who is the real leader of the Liberals, is invisible and rumour has it that he will refuse a cabinet position in the coalition if it becomes government.
5. I don't think Canadians are happy that Elizabeth May, who lost the vote in her riding and heads a party that has no seats has been promised a senate seat, and possible cabinet appointment. Seriously, the will of the people said they don't want her.
6. I watched Dion in the press scrum today defend the Bloc as being a positive part of the government. Not a winning line to take. (And we already know Canadians find him an unattractive politician.)
7. Duceppe said today in the scrum that the coalition is good for the Quebec sovereignty movement.

On the other hand, what if the plotters pull this off? I don't know what I'll do. Will there be rioting? Western separatism?

UPDATE: Here is an online petition against the Coup. The backlash is in full swing.

UPDATEII: The CBC National was a disgrace, even for CBC. They kept saying the Bloc weren't part of the coalition. They are trying to say it is the Liberal-NDP coalition. Bullshit! The Libs and NDP don't have enough seats. Duceppe and the Bloc signed the agreement. How can they say that?.... They grimly reported that Harper and the Conservatives were going to put out attack ads. Before Harper has spoken to the Governor General they had a long segment of what would happen if she agreed to prorogue Parliament.


  1. From the Ottawa Sun;

    TORONTO — Canadians in favour of the coalition government are weighing in online as well.

    A Facebook group called "Stephen Harper's Last Day as Prime Minister" was gaining steam today with almost 8,000 members by 3 p.m. ET.

    The site calls for Canadians to take part in a "goodbye party" for the Conservative leader Monday, Dec. 8 — the date tentatively set for the opposition to topple the government.

    The dress code listed on the site for the event? "Sweater vests for all."

    Tit for tat...

  2. And some more...


    Point being... this will be a tough PR fight this week.

  3. Well if they get their way, I hope we have a western separation party out here.

  4. The Liberals will have to find their majority in Ontario and Quebec at the very least.

  5. Oh I know. They actually had the gall to compare the times when Harper's gov't enjoyed the support of the Bloc in the past to pass legislation. As if to say, See! Harper works with separatists too! Hypocrite! *Sigh* Harper didn't NEED to pay off the Bloc for their support. He didn't need to offer them Senate positions or specific input on the budget. If the Bloc supported Conservative legislation it was up to them. Harper's gov't didn't live and die by the support of the Bloc. Our next(?) gov't will!! And the coalition claims their gov't will be more stable and good for national unity. Fools!

  6. Well... the first poll is out. The West is REALLY pissed. The ROC not so much. Over all the coalition enjoys the support of slightly more than those that don't. Support for Dion, the man himself as PM, is still in the gutter though. It seems a lot of people on mainstreet are confused more than anything. It will be interesting to see the trends as the days progress. Oh yeah... poll can be found here;