Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Globe and Mail Not Getting It

I can't believe the Mop and Pail, pre-internet, used to be almost my sole source of written news. Today we get a scolding not to say "separatist":

“If [the harsh rhetoric] goes on, there could be long-term consequences. If you are mainstream, to be depicted as a separatist is a source of great annoyance. But if it stops, the collective memory being what it is, people are going to go on with other things.”

It's a source of great annoyance? Am I reading this? You vote a majority to the Bloc in every election since 1993 but don't say the "s" word? Huh?

Ezra Levant has fun with it. Separatists aren't the separatist threat. People who point out they're separatist are:

The separatists are divisive by definition -- they literally want to divide Canada. Their explicit mission is to undo Canada, to remove Quebec from Confederation. And they make up a third of the coalition's manpower -- without which the coalition wouldn't have the numbers to unseat the Conservatives.


But! But if you mention that, if you call separatists by their own name that is divisive! That is dangerous to national unity!

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