Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step #1: Get Rid of Caesar

I find it humorous that Cassius Ignatieff's spin doctor, Warren Kinsella, has nothing to say about the merits or faults of the Coup itself, but keeps beating the drum that Harper needs to resign. Here he is on his very popular blog:

Anyway. What we do know is, whatever she decides, Stephen Harper – as yesterday, when no less than the Globe's editorial board called on him to resign– seems unlikely to survive. If he were to indicate his intention to resign - if the Tories were to sign on to the coalition's main principles, and demonstrate some flexibility for the first time in their lives - it would go a long distance towards lowering the temperature.

Will they? Of course not. These guys are prepared to burn down the country to get their way. They've made that quite clear.

*Note: I use Caesar as an example of somebody who is in power but I'm not comparing Harper to him. Harper was elected. Caesar, like the clowns of this coalition, was a usurper.

UPDATE: To spell out the conspiracy theory I have: Ignatieff stands by and watches while Dion, a lame duck and pawn, tries and fails to pull off a Coup. Harper gets taken down with it, which is the point. All the while Iggy has clean hands because he is hiding out. Iggy then assumes leadership of the Liberals and runs against a rookie leader and a divided and chaste Conservative Party.... Am I crazy?

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