Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Memo to Harper: Give Them Rope to Hang Themselves

Let them go and form a government. Lame Duck Dion, the Separatist and Jacko the Mustachioed Socialist. What a terrible cast, time and situation for a coup.

What surprises me is that Iggy is letting it happen. He's rolling the dice on these clowns with his future on the line.

UPDATE: The backlash is already in full swing, even in the Liberal stronghold of Toronto

Prediction: This time next week, this will all be flamed out.

UPDATE II: Uproarious Question Period in the House of Commons today. Great viewing. Don't miss the highlights on the news. Harper performed at the top of his game.

UPDATE III: Dion was taking questions from the press in the lobby and saying it is good for national unity to have the Bloc in the government. Oh boy, that's not going to play well in the west.

UPDATE IV: As per reader Fydor's request, the direct quote from Dion, when asked about the Bloc being part of the coalition is: "I think it's good for unity." I still do not have the video for it.


  1. "Dion was taking questions from the press in the lobby and saying it is good for national unity to have the Bloc in the government." Can you please link to or source the exact quote because if he did say this it is one of the best Orwellian quotes ever.

  2. NEP NEP NEP!!!!!!! or No Mandate! No Mandate!

    This is absolutely crazy.

    Considering that Canadians handed the Liberal's their worst showing ever in an election they really MUST feel they have some sort of right to lead Canada no matter the consequences. The arrogance is astounding. The crux of it is whether a stimulus package should be released now or in less than two months. That's their beef??? That's worth putting the country into further turmoil?? Riiight... because once their magic hands are at the til all of this nasty economic stuff will disappear? Despite them having to share the til with separatists and a socialist party they swore they would never coalesce with this makes this even more absurd. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  3. Although I agree wholeheartedly with your comment Strack Attack, I feel compelled to extend your comment "their arrogance knows no bounds' to include more than the Liberals.

  4. FYdor: I will try to find the video. His thought were that it show seperatists that Canada works and therefore they'll see the error of their ways and stop being seperatists.

  5. Hey Anon, tsk tsk... that bully, Harper proposed eliminating the taxpayers subsidy of all political Parties based on the number of votes each received in the recent election, How dare him? God forbid the other parties actually raise their own dough and not depend on public funding. What? A level playing field isn't fair? They actually need to raise their own money? What an arrogant thought.

  6. Yes Anon, I agree with Strach Attack. It was an agressive political move but not reckless arrogance. It's not over turning a vote and forming government with seperatists kind of arrogant.