Monday, December 22, 2008

Canadian Journalists Get Senate Appointments

Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin of CTV are two among 18 new Senate appointments named by the Conservatives today.

Among those appointed to regionally distributed seats in the upper house were former broadcaster Pamela Wallin (Sask.), Olympian Nancy Greene Raine (B.C.) and CTV personality Mike Duffy (P.E.I.).

Our last two Governors General were journalists as well. I'm a bit uncomfortable with members of the fourth estate getting patronage appointments. This is a threat to press neutrality. (Not that I believe the main stream media is neutral for a minute.)


  1. I would not mind so much if this was about serving your country. The annual pay should be $25,000. Instead these Senators get a big pay cheque, and lots of perks for doing nothing. The media are already at an elite level in our society. A patronage appointment just ices the cake.

  2. The Canadian Senate has to be one of the strangest-craziest things in politics. Why is their zero poltical will to change it? Doesn't Puffy have a show that covers parliament? Think of how big he'll get when he doesn't even have to leave the building!