Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shakedown Artists

Mark Steyn is right, the so-called separatists in Quebec are phony:

Quebec separatism is mostly one almighty bluff, a giant racket by which the francophone minority screws out of English Canada a hugely disproportionate share of the spoils. The Bloc Quebecois are separatists who have no interest in separating: no matter how wide you open the stable door, the flea-bitten old nag refuses to bolt


In the last Quebec referendum, the then "separatist" leader, M Parizeau, ran on a platform by which Quebec would become a separate country but would continue to use the Canadian dollar, the Canadian armed forces and Canadian passports.

Go ahead Quebec, separate: Why Isn't Quebec an Independent Country


  1. You can guarantee that when this coalition falls apart it will be in part orchestrated by the Bloc. They're demands will not have been met and they will go back to Quebec and say, "See! The rest of Canada hates us and they've got their boot on our neck. Let's split!" Dion and Layton are fools not to see they've been set up to fail.

  2. Yes, but instead of blaming Dion and Layton, the media will spin it as Harper's fault.