Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Manufacturing News: The Globe and Mail

Is Prime Minister Harper making the worldwide recession worse? The G & M thinks so. I want to fisk a few points. (Fisking: This is a term for taking a main stream media article and arguing specific points.)

Mr. Harper, who said in a television interview on Monday that he has never seen such uncertainty about the future, came under fire for giving in to fear at a time when Canadians need their Prime Minister to offer a more positive outlook – both to relieve anxiety and to keep consumers spending.

Do the writers of this article actually believe this? If Harper acts chipper and says everything is ok, Canadians are going to feel better and start spending more? We have stats and news from so many different sources in the world. Everybody knows things are bad globally. The Fireside Chat a-la-Roosevelt is not going to turn things around.

“I think human behaviour drives recessions and recoveries, and confidence in the future drives human behaviour,” said Liberal MP John McCallum, a former chief economist for the Royal Bank of Canada.

“Especially during difficult times, leaders have to inject confidence and hope into their citizens and Stephen Harper has done precisely the opposite with these comments.”

John "You're Not Allowed on the Airplane Because You're Too Drunk" McCallum is talking about inspiring confidence? He was part of the shaky Coup that tried to overthrow an elected government on the grounds that the dire economic situation called for drastic measures. This was inspiring confidence?

I read the article and think, did the Liberal Party Communications Department directly dictate it? How badly is the G & M in the tank for them?


  1. Haha... I dunno if McCallum was/is a drunk but we all know now not to treat "former Chief Economists" as if they know anything. These are precisely the clowns that created the tools that got us to where we are now.

  2. For god sake... For months now the G&M and Liberals have been saying Harper has shown a callous attitude towards the "greatest economic crisis of our time". The Liberals and media have been beating the drum of panic for sometime now and have been critical of Harper's optimistic outlook. Now that Harper dares say anything negative about our future they now say he's being too pessimistic??? He can't win support no matter what he does. What a joke the G&M is.

  3. Yes, the liberal media can be rather disgusting. The media called Trudeau a strong leader. Had he been Conservative, they would have called Trudeau a control freak.