Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CBC Tells Us What Lessons We've Learned (cough!)

It's hilarious, despite the polls about Canadians rejecting the power-grab coalition and Harper riding high in the polls, CBC is still trying to pin the blame:

What happened: The Conservatives recklessly risked their minority government by acting as though they had a majority. The decision to load an economic update that was thin on policy proposals with enough partisan attacks and manoeuvres to tempt even an enfeebled opposition to try to unseat them was both reckless and careless.

So that's what happened? Harper wanted to cut off taxpayer supported subsities for political parties, that according to Ipsos Reid 61% of Canadians supported, and that's reckless and careless? That's the number 1 reason for this crisis? C'mon for God's sake! There's no end to CBC bias.

Then we get to the Quebec issue. (My bolding.)

What happened: Desperate to save himself and his government, Stephen Harper ratcheted up the rhetoric, exaggerating the role of the Bloc in the coalition agreement and attacking them, the Liberals and the NDP for putting Canada at risk.

Lesson learned: Separatists and the Bloc Québécois are the third rail in Canadian politics. Any arrangement with the Bloc is lethal outside Quebec. Its subsequent rejection is lethal inside Quebec. In the short term, Harper swayed public opinion in his favour outside Quebec and dug himself into a hole in that province.

As prime minister, at some point Harper could come to regret his effort to exacerbate differences on the founding fault line of the country. Canadians are likely to regret his picking at the scabs over the wounds of national unity. Not only is it not something a prime minister should do. It wasn't even necessary. The issue of proroguing the House of Commons was constitutional and legal and not driven by public opinion.

Exaggerating the role of the Bloc? What pointing out that they are part of the deal, and that they are separatists? We've learned a lesson not to do this?

The lesson of course, is that the CBC has an agenda and that you're a fool if you believe what they say.

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