Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Liberals Really Think We Are Stupid

This is unbelievable! I decided to check out Liberal Hedy Fry's website (who is my riding's MP). I'm amazed at how she can say 2+2=5. Look at these consecutive posts, one addressing her constituents and one a press release. You don't even get a page break!

At the bottom of the first one: (read in full here)

The proposed coalition government is between the New Democrats and the Liberals only. The Bloc will continue to sit as an opposition party; they have only agreed not to bring the coalition government down, on a confidence motion, for 1 1/2 years in order to allow for stability of governance in a national crisis. Yet, the Conservatives deceive Canadians by suggesting that the Bloc will be part of a coalition government.

At the top of the VERY NEXT press release, (scroll down slightly still in the same view)

OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, New Democrat Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe today announced that an agreement has been reached among the three opposition parties to support a cooperative government to address the impact of the global economic crisis on Canadians.

HEDY IT'S YOUR OWN PARTY'S PRESS RELEASE!!!! They really have to cut out this crap about the Bloc not being part of the coalition. They also need to say what they promised them as a bribe to join.

This is the same woman who said in 2001"Crosses were burning in Prince George as we speak." It never happened. Truth is not all that important to her.


  1. Hedy's obviously got the same calibre of staff writers, that Dion has video editors!

  2. The Bloc have agreed to support the coalition, which is made up of Liberals and NDP. They aren't a part of it, they're supporting it.


  3. Anonymous, I realize that is the party line, but the Libs and NDP have less seats than the Tories. So they can't pass anything without the Bloc's consent. So how are they not part of it? What was Gilles signing with those guys? Why was he sitting with them? Can you not see the nose in front of your face? It's like the Dead Parrott sketch in Monty Python.

  4. surely we're all big boys and girls and we can understand the difference between JOINING a coalition and SUPPORTING a coalition.

    the real issue here: why did we just send 308 mp's back home after only two weeks of work?

    my money's on prentice for leader.

  5. If they SUPPORT a coalition ad hoc, on a bill by bill basis, that is one thing. If they agree to vote for all confidence motions for the next two years that is JOINING the coalition. They have agreed in advance.

    Next thing you know your going to be asking what the definition of "is" is.

  6. Steve: Let me put the ball in your court. Please explain how the Bloc is not part of this coalition deal?

  7. I thought it was pretty clear by now that the Bloc would have input in the Budget with anything to do with Quebec. They're also bound by the signed agreement to vote for ALL confidence motions. Of course, the Bloc could wipe their ass with that agreement (much like the NDP or Libs) if they felt Quebec wasn't getting a good deal. If they did back out, no doubt there would be much fanfare in Quebec. That was more than likely their long game. The Bloc IS apart of the Coalition. They won't be in the cabinet but when you get a seat next to the finance minister when he's writing up his budget you're pretty much in like flin. You're drinking Liberal kool aid if you can't see it.

    And Steve... if anyone's job is on the line it's Dion's. This so called coalition is finished. The Liberals are the butt of jokes. The latest EKOS poll has Harper and the Tories at 44% support and the Libs down to 24%. If I were Harper I would be hoping the coalition sticks around and brings it down over the budget because those are majority numbers. We all know Iggy and his supporters won't be stupid enough to let that happen. One can hope though.

  8. kaelsu: It comes full circle. Public-taxpayer funded workers in the Lib party are screwing up the sales pitch for more public funding.