Friday, December 26, 2008

Pakistan Shifts Troops Away from Afghan Border

The Pakistanis are shifting troops out of their northwest frontier region bordering Afghanistan. Bill Roggio speculates about the connection to the Mumbai massacre.

"The Pakistani military does not want to be deployed in the Northwest Frontier Province to fight the Taliban, so if the military pulled them out, it does not surprise me. It is possible they are being reassigned for training, but I do not expect this is happening," Rikhye said, noting there are only three training locations in Pakistan and this is the time of year forces rotate for training.


The Pakistani redeployment of Army units to the east is the latest move in heightened tension over the Nov. 26 terror assault on Mumbai that lasted more than 60 hours and resulted in more than 170 civilians killed. India has presented evidence that the Pakistan-based, al Qaeda and Inter-Service Intelligence agency-linked Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group conducted the attack

This is extremely complex intrigue. Were the Mumbai attacks set up by the ISI and army with a move like this in mind? This will not help our people in Afghanistan.

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