Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shameless Sound Bite of the Day

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said her party unanimously supports the coalition.

"[The Conservatives] have lost the confidence of the House. It's broken
and it can't be fixed."

"We really need on the urgent basis of our national economy and the urgent issue of the climate crisis to see a government that’s prepared to take action. It clearly isn’t the Conservatives and now the Canadian public, the majority of whom did not vote for Mr. Harper, have a coalition that meets that need."

Ummm... Ms. May: YOU LOST YOUR VOTE! YOU DID NOT GET ELECTED TO ANYTHING! Who is asking you? Why aren't you looking for a job in the private sector? The voters told you to go away! Your party does not have a single seat.


  1. Phew... I feel much better about the coalition now. Ya know, I was a little worried there but if May thinks they will save the planet and the economy i'm cool with it. Wow... if it were this easy why didn't they try to do this during the election last month? Ummm... oh yeah, they did try it and failed. To hell with elections I guess. Who needs em?!

  2. Yes, tho see her up there 100% confident and lecturing about what needs to be done after getting killed at the polls. This can not help the coup.

  3. Yeah, Parizeau's editorial tomorrow in support of the coup won't be good for the cause either. They have Danny Williams on board too! Wow... all the ducks are in a row.

  4. I can't wait for Jolly Jock to come out in favour of it!