Sunday, December 21, 2008

Panthers at Giants

The Panthers travel to the Meadowlands to decide who is the number 1 seed in the NFC. Both teams are remarkably similar. Great lines on both side of the ball and a reliance on power running and ball control. (Ultimately, my kind of football.) What worries me is Carolina's runners, Williams and Stewart have the ability to break the big run. If they get through the Giants tough line, I don't trust those linebackers to stop them. Also, Steve Smith is always somebody to fear.

I'm not as cocky about the Giants' chances as I was a few weeks ago. Let's hope they can get it together. Let's see Brandon Jacobs pound some yards.

UPDATE: 34-28 Giants in a dramatic overtime win! My voice is hoarse from screaming. The Giants' tactics were pure power. We're not going use finesse or get cerebral, we're going to run it right at you and beat you up. No doubt the Giants will be back with the #1 ranking in the press again.

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