Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mysterious North Korea

Eagle-eyed readers of the Times Online noticed that there was something suspicious about a recently released picture of Kim Jong Il

In a bid to end speculation that Kim Jong Il had suffered a stroke, North Korean officials released a new picture of the “Dear Leader” in apparently good health. But is the image genuine?

A Times Online reader with an eye for detail has pointed out that there is something shady about the shadows in the picture.

A close inspection of the photograph published yesterday by the Korean Central News Agency suggests that the shadow cast by Mr Kim is very different to those cast by the soldiers standing alongside him.

If you look at the photo close-ups they have you can see the image of him is superimposed. Hopefully Kim is seriously ill and will pass away. Surely the next guy in line won't be this insane? I'd sure like to see this pointless Orwellian state open up to the world.

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