Friday, December 19, 2008

No Surprise: Bush Bailing Out GM and Chrysler

It didn't matter that the Senate blocked the bailout, Bush is dipping into TARP for an immediate $13.4 billion:

With these loans, Treasury will have committed virtually all of the $350 billion of that fund that it can hand out without additional authorization from Congress. Once Congress releases the other $350 billion, the two automakers will be able to borrow an additional $4 billion.

GM will get $9.4 billion from the first allocation of federal loan money, while Chrysler would get the other $4 billion.

GM has a total market cap of $2.4 billion. The loan is over three times the entire worth of the company.

This is just in time for Chrysler workers' one month paid vacation. I hear Cabo is nice this time of year.

What a disgrace.

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