Monday, December 22, 2008

Queen's Thought Police In Action

Matt Gurney of the National Post has new information on the Queen's Thought Police today:

My friend's friend -- we'll call her "Judy" -- was part of a school club that helped organize an off-campus charity event. A skilled dancer, Judy was part of a group of female students who got up on stage and performed a "cabaret dance," which fitted with the theme of the evening. The costumes of the women in the dance group were what you'd expect --dress shirts tucked into shorts, fishnet stockings, etc. Fun was had by (almost) all, and money raised for a worthy cause.

But shortly thereafter, Judy was contacted by a representative of the Equity Office, which is tasked with ensuring that the university's workers and students can work and learn in an environment free of discrimination-- a laudable goal.

Judy, however, wasn't being accused of standing in the way of anyone's employment or education, but rather of causing offence.

A student had complained to Equity that Judy's costume was demeaning to women.

The Queen's Thought Police want to make sure nobody speaks publically about this because they know if absurd charges like this are brought to light they'll lose their power. I remember when I was on campus in the early 90's there was a universal lack of common sense throughout the faculty and the student organizations. This is why all of this does not surprise me at all.


  1. This should be a police/human rights commission investigation. How can this be legal in Canada. A university campus with a conversation police force. However the worst part is that no one, students, professors, and alumni, seem to be upset with this policy.

  2. Dr. Johnathan Tebow Phd ( Sociology)February 8, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    Well, you have to understand that in Canada the left movement is very powerful and you could easily be expelled or fired if you do not conform to their way of thinking. They use the fear tactic very very well. In Canada, the small minority groups like gay rights and anti-discrimination groups are very powerful and easily dominate over the majority of the population. What you really need to look into is 1. who came up with this idea of language police 2. how they manipulated or construed the laws of Canada to get a foothold in to even proposing this crazy (and by crazy I mean, no sensible, logical, normal, reasonable person could ever think this is a good idea) and finally the person or committee, that not only entertained such an absurdity, as "language police" but planned, authorized and put such a policy into place. Once you have your answers, not only will you be shocked, but you will begin to see the world "they" want you to live in. And remember unless "they" are firmly refused an audience by politicians and media ( who often in fact side with them) then this Will be the world our children live in...guaranteed.