Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Depress a Quebecois Reporter

Here's a refreshing take on the the Separatist Coalition from former Anlgo-rights activist Howard Galganov. Don't hold you breath waiting for it to be published in the main stream media. (Read here)
The next consequence really shook her when I explained that a coalition with the Quebec Separatist Bloc would hasten the departure of Quebec from Confederation, allowing Canada to finally grow without the Quebec anchor around our neck.


Then I reminded her that certain inalienable decisions would be made the moment Quebec and Canada part company.

By federal law, Canadian Banks and Insurance companies must be headquartered within Canada. There go the banks. By law, airlines cannot pick-up and deliver passengers from one national location to another national location unless that airline is headquartered in that nation. Goodbye Air Canada.

Then there’s the Canada Export and Development Corporation that underwrites just about all of Bombardier’s sales abroad. Goodbye Bombardier along with other federally financed corporations in Quebec.

Goodbye all the federal government jobs that disproportionately employ French Quebecers. Especially those who can speak some English.

And Goodbye official bilingualism.

Read it all. If an article like this becomes popular, it would never find a way onto the CBC or Globe and Mail. He would be written off as a kook, and defamed as an extremist. Even though this sort of opinion is something you would hear everyday at your local pub or Tim Horton's.

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