Wednesday, December 3, 2008

High Comedy!

Had some good family time waiting around for Dion to make his speech. It was 20 minutes late because "the tape hadn't arrived yet." (The networks were all waiting live.) It was hilarious watching the nervous CBC talking heads waiting and waiting, trying to make the best of it. Keith Boag was looking around thinking 'please, Stephane, get the tape here.'

While we were waiting, we flicked to CTV where a McGill University commentator Antonia Maoini was saying that Quebecers are upset at how rudely Harper is speaking about the separatists. You know, because this is a mainstream movement in Quebec. What a joke. But this is about comedy so...

Finally Dion comes on. The cheap camcorder video is out of focus. I strained my ears trying to figure out what he was saying. We just ended up laughing at the absurdity.

BTW: Harper was pretty mediocre.

UPDATE: We flicked to CBC for the Dion speech but apparantly CTV never got the tape. They played Harper twice. LOL!

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