Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chrysler Workers to Collect 95% of Their Pay During Shut-Down

Chrysler are closing down their plants for a month since they are broke. What a great idea, you think. It'll be a tough month for workers, but with the company on the line, it's a necessary sacrifice. Not so. The UAW agreement means they will get paid 95% of their wages during the shut-down.

Corker told Chrysler chief Bob Nardelli that one of his lobbyists told him the previous day that, even if a Chrysler plant is shut down, Chrysler still has to pay wages to its union employees.

How can you come before us, Corker directed to both Nardelli and UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger, and ask us for $25 billion if you're asking taxpayers to fund this sort of activity?

This is simply unbelievable. Who hears this and isn't outraged? We can't keep funding these people who have completely lost the plot. Let them go bankrupt. Maybe somebody can buy up the assets and produce cars again, without UAW.


  1. Outrageous! For real.

    Can an auto company somehow close shop, lay off all their workers and re-start again by hiring all new non-union staff? Perhaps under a different name if need be?

  2. Yes, if they are bankrupt and closed down, they can start afresh. New name or take the old. I'm sure the armies of unemployed auto-workers would take jobs without the unions. There's no other way it can work. This model is broken. The unions have proved that you cannot work with them or to act in good faith. All these workeers could be out of work in two months yet they insist on this crazy 95% deal. They obviously don't get it.