Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Elizabeth May: Who Pays This Woman?

Unfortunately, as a taxpayer, probably me. She seems to pop up everywhere. At the leaders debate, even though her party didn't have a single seat. Then she appears during the Coup, chiding Harper about the economy, only a few weeks after voters rejected her in her own riding. (And apparently she was promised a Senate seat by Dion.) Now she's engaged in grievance theatre about Canada not committing to Kyoto, or something:
"It was embarrassing being a Canadian at these meetings," May said.

"Canada, unfortunately, was about the worst performer here, and that's saying a lot. That means worse than the United States with the lame-duck Bush administration, still doing what it can to obstruct."

This woman actually feels the emotion embarrassment? I don't think so, that would require shame. Our collective democracy has told her to go away, but she's still right in there. Why is she representing us at these meetings? It's like that Charo woman who kept appearing on Love Boat and Hollywood Squares in the 70's. Nobody knew where she came from and there was always a mystery as to why television producers green lighted putting her on the air in the first place.


  1. Charo and Loveboat! Haha... that's an awesome comparison. They both talk incessantly in a hurried manner and you're always left scratching your head wondering what they hell they're talking about.

  2. I agree. We were all polite and put up with her in the debates. Well you lost bitch, so please just shut up and go away. And well you at it, shove your green plan up your ass.

  3. Please don't be so dismissive of Charo's talents.

    She is been twice rated the best classical guitarist in the world be readers of guitar magazine - and she is still going strong.

    Check out her current dance club hit and music video by licking on the link below

    Charo - Espana Cani Dance Don't Bull fight

    And she has a big heart - see the aritcle below:

    Charo brings bull to Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona
    Mediha Fejzagic DiMartino, Staff Writer
    Article Launched: 12/16/2008 09:57:14 PM PST

    POMONA - Moving from a farm in Chino to sweet new digs in Beverly Hills, Manolo's is a true ranches-to-riches story.

    On Tuesday, the 14-week-old Angus bull calf was back in the 909, but just for a visit.

    Charo, a flamboyant singer and classical guitar player famous for using her "cuchi-cuchi" phrase, brought the adopted bull to Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona to be examined for a heart murmur.

    As news cameras in front of the Banfield Veterinary Clinical Center swooped in on the singer and her pet, the calf became a bit agitated.

    "He doesn't like the show business," Charo said.

    Faculty members performed an echocardiogram, hoping to find the source of the heart murmur, but they never found any problems.

    It took four people to keep Manolo still.

    During the exam, Charo fed him grapes as well as carrots and whispered sweet nothings.

    "I love you," Charo said to the calf.

    A short walk to the X-ray machine and Manolo was off his best behavior - he managed to wet the platform.

    "I tell him, `If you are not good, I'll play you bullfighter music,"' Charo said.

    Their unlikely friendship began when Charo needed a young bull for her new music video, "Espana Cani."

    Charo's remake of the famous Spanish instrumental piece, traditionally used as background music at bullfights, had a message - "Dance, Don't Bullfight."

    Charo called an agency seeking "a bull with a talent." They found her a 2-week-old calf at a Chino farm.

    "It was the cutest thing you ever saw," Charo said. "But I didn't want to get attached."

    After filming, Manolo was taken back to the farm to be reunited with his mama.

    Charo later called to check up on him and found the calf was set to be sold to a slaughterhouse because his mother apparently had rejected him.

    Charo rescued the calf, and soon Manolo was living the high life in Beverly Hills.

    "He's my son - we are connected," Charo said. "You should hear him. I say `Manolo.' He say `moo."'

    Adopting Manolo has changed Charo, too.

    "I used to eat steak and hot dogs, but now I think I'm eating a sister or a brother of Manolo," Charo said. "I became a vegetarian."

    The calf lives near Charo's home in a barn furnished with a TV and air conditioning, said Shel Rasten, Charo's son.

    "She loves that damn thing more than me," Rasten said.

    When they got him, Manolo was the size of a medium dog. Fully grown, he will weigh 1,500 pounds or as much as a car. Rasten hopes to find him a home at a ranch.

    "He'll have lots of cow girlfriends, and he'll be able to roam around," Rasten said.

    And his medical problems?

    "He is clean as a whistle!" Dr. Gary Johnston said after the examination.

    "Great news," Charo said to Manolo. "You gonna find a best looking cow in Pomona."

    Charo was not being charged for the service.

    "You are angels for animals," Charo said to the Western University staff.

  4. Well David, you've won the most bizzarre comment of the year award hands down. Who knew there were Charo experts out there waiting to part with their knowledge?

  5. Taxpayers didn't pay for May to attend the 14th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

    There are 10,000 participants at that annual inter-governmental conference to address the global climate crisis.

    She has a right to be there and I'm thankful that she was given her knowledge and expertise on these questions.

  6. My guess is that she didn't pay for her travel expenses out of her own pocket.